Different Categories of Water Damage and How to Fix It

The destruction produced by water intrusions on your property can be described as water damage. Water damage could be caused by a burst pipe, broken heaters, clogged toilets, hurricanes, storm surges, or other natural disasters.

After the damage is identified, it’s much simpler to get started drying. It also aids in determining what items can and cannot be repaired once the water is removed.

The affected water can assist in dividing the damages into three different types.

Water Damage Categories

1. Damage to Clearwater (Category 1)

Water leaks such as a leaking sink, a leaky washing machine, or bathtub overflow cause this type of harm. Water damage of category one is when the water comes from a clean source that did not cause any significant damage to the people.

If a homeowner has a water heater burst or shutoff valve that has failed, or a fixture that cannot be turned off, the first step is to halt the leak. Plumbers can assist homeowners in the next stage once they have identified the cause of the leak and stopped the water flow. It is also crucial to know where the primary water shutoff valve is located and how it works.

If clean water is not removed quickly, the amount of bacteria increases as it comes into contact with the structural surfaces and combines with other contaminants, compromising the purity of the water. If the clearwater remains untreated for longer than 48 hours or passes through a hazardous area, the water could be transformed into category two or three.

2. Greywater Damage (Category 2)

Greywater is essentially polluted water. The water is polluted and could make you sick if you consume it. Sinks, fixtures discharges, and leaking appliances are all frequent greywater sources.

Gray water is contaminated to some extent due to its origin. This water can cause discomfort or illness in the event of ingesting it. Any carpeting in the area must be removed or replaced to stop the growth of mold and bacteria.

If a greywater issue is not addressed quickly, it could become an emergency. It can become a category three black water concern if it is not discussed for more than 48 hours. A company like water damage restoration from PuroClean can help you with different water problems.

3. Blackwater Damage (Category 3)

Water damage of category three is caused by water that comes from black water sources. Blackwater can cause severe health issues by generating several allergic reactions and infections. The amount and extent of penetration into the environment determine the health issue’s importance.

Blackwater contains a myriad of contaminants, including germs and viruses. Feces, sewage, grease, oil, and even food fragments will be present in the water. Blackwater can cause severe damage to your home and structures, as well as cause infections.

Sanitization and cleansing are essential to make your office or home secure and liveable. After the test results are cleared, you can clean up a dirty house. An expert like PuroClean of Redlands performs the final clearance test to ensure safety and well-being for everyone who lives there.