Seven Tips on How To Prevent Water Damage

Seven Tips on How To Prevent Water Damage

Nobody would like to deal with water damage, no matter how minor it is. It has the potential to ruin your home or business. The cleanup that follows can be time-consuming and costly, particularly in cases where extensive areas have been damaged or damage has caused mold. When water damage happens, it affects the structure of the property and the furniture, appliances, collectibles, and other objects.

Keeping Your Home Safe From Water Damage

Water damage in your home can cause many issues. There are several methods to protect you and your family from costly water damage. Check these seven simple guidelines for keeping your home safe and secure.

1. Clean Gutters

You must clean your gutters at least twice a year to prevent blockages and ice dams. Clogged drains and roofings can both be damaged by blocked water, and unmanageable floods can form puddles that could harm your home’s foundation. Clean downspouts to ensure that water can flow freely, and make sure that downspouts point away from your home.

2. Disconnect All The Hoses

The water in a hose may freeze again in the pipe, making an ice block that stops the water flow. In the worst scenario, it can break your pipes and cause damage to your home’s flooring, walls, and structures.

3. Learn About Your Water Main

Find out where the water main is and turn it off if you’re going to be gone for a long time. If no water enters your home, there’s a good chance that no faucet drips or dribbles will cause damage while you’re gone. PuroClean Honolulu water damage remediation services can assist you in finding your water main.

4. Maintain Trees And Plants

Flowering bushes can be stunningly attractive. However, they don’t look so good when their strong roots twist around the underlying pipes and cause damage. That is why it is crucial to prune extra shrubs near pipes or other tools and, if possible, remove trees and bushes that have grown too big.

5. Check Appliances Frequently

You need to regularly inspect and keep each of your home’s appliances for leaks. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions printed on these appliances. These guidelines will help determine whether the appliances are in good working order.

6. Maintain Hoses Of Your Washing Machine

Washing machine hoses that are old, weak, or fractured are among the most common causes of water damage in properties. To avoid messes and expensive damage, repair or change them regularly.

7. Check For Leaks And Fix Them Immediately

Prepare to face mold, mildew, and structural damage if you neglect the damage caused by excess moisture or don’t make any repairs. Remember that your home insurance only covers damage that occurs unexpectedly. A standard home insurance plan does not cover any damage caused by a lack of maintenance. You can learn more about water mitigation right here.


The earlier water damage is discovered, the more options you will have. More options mean more money in your pocket. Who among us isn’t in favor of that? You may prevent serious water damage to your home by constantly examining the areas pointed out above and making any needed repairs. Why risk it when all of the suggestions in this post on water damage and how to avoid it take only a small amount of time and money to implement.